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I'm Subhashis Suara

CSE Graduate | CERN Openlab Summer Student 2022

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Greetings! My name is Subhashis Suara, and I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from XIM University'23. I have an immense passion for all things related to computers, and I enjoy working on exciting and challenging projects using various technologies.

I enjoy playing tunes on my piano, singing, and playing video games in my leisure time. While socializing may not be my forte, I relish the opportunity to meet new people and broaden my social horizons. Please feel free to connect with me on my social media handles! Thank you for visiting my website!


Smart Health Monitoring System
A real-time dashboard app that uses MERN, and a Raspberry Pi to collect and transmit vital patient data like heart rate, oxygen saturation, and body temperature to a Node server via WebSockets for display on a dashboard for accurate and efficient diagnoses.
MyCampus App
A social networking app that connects users based on their personality, interests, and lifestyle using Flutter, Flask, and Firebase. It features a user-friendly login, a comprehensive questionnaire, a powerful match engine, and a secure chat system, making it easy to build meaningful relationships.
Personal Website
This is the project that you are currently viewing! The design philosophy of this website is based on hovering glass effect and glassmorphism aesthetics. Lemme know how you like it or if you find any bug/issues!
Anime Heaven
An anime video streaming website made using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL. Some of the included features are searching for movies in database, registration & login page, account page, admin page, dynamic data fetching & displaying on the home page.
IoT Dashboard
IoT Dashboard is a real-time web app made using the MERN stack. Data is generated by sensor(s) in raspberry pi and sent to the Node server via WebSockets which is broadcasted to all the connected React clients and the data gets displayed on the dashboard in real-time.
ChatQube is a chatting web application made using ReactJS, NodeJS, Express & MongoDB. All registered users show up in the search list and users can create groups with other members. The web app supports caching to reduce server load.
Memeistic is a meme maker app made for android. The app consists of features such as opening meme template, adding top and bottom meme text, moving meme text position by dragging, changing meme text color & text font size, adding color filters, saving & sharing the meme.
A WhatsApp bot made using selenium webdriver and python. It has various features and delivers information like weather, news of the day, instant search results for terms, lyrics. It can be used as a chatbot service for FAQs and queries.
Cube Showdown
An arcade game where the player is represented by a blue block and has to avoid obstacles to progress through the levels in the game. It was developed using Unity and C# in Visual Studio. Feel free to download and try out!
CertBot is a certificate maker bot. It requires a master certificate in .pptx format with placeholders for name and date and an excel file containing the data. It then generates the certificates in .pdf format into an output folder. This bot can be used for effortless creation of bulk certificates.
Dice Roll
Dice Roll is a simple and lightweight mobile application made using flutter that can be used for any situation that requires random number generation using dice. The interface has 2 dice which show random numbers when clicked on them.

For more projects visit github.com/subhashissuara


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